Being the millennial of this society, we constantly wonder about our identity, our purposes in lives and how we could grow as a better people. Each of our collection portrays perceptions of growth, naivety, and transitions. For this collection, we were inspired from the process of searching for individuality. The starting point of the idea graphically came from a 1975 mystery film, 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' directed by Peter Weir which disclosed the story about a group of intrusive school girls who went missing during their picnic trip to Hanging Rock because of their curiosity. Their innocence and nosiness were especially relatable to our personalities.

On the basis of our instincts, we came into the development of the designs that we felt would really suit a new subculture of girls who are tough, vicious like the Sukeban girls and also pure, eager for new explorations, like the Hanging Rock students. While the Sukeban girls were dressed in sexy dresses, gang jacket with heavy make-up, the girls of Hanging Rock put on white dresses with ribbons and frills. We believe that merging of the two characters would create a well balanced collection for curious girls.